Why Work with Us?


Nimble Fish is committed to:

  • Empowering people by giving them efficient and effective tools to challenge the status quo.
  • Creating work of a high artistic standard.
  • Giving voice to those in society who are not often enough heard.
  • Altering perceptions about the boundary between ‘professional’ and ‘community’ art and performance.
  • Being provocative, political, and controversial.
  • Giving the process and product equal attention and energy.

Since our founding in 2006, Nimble Fish has…

  • Developed events and programmes presented at Tate Modern, National Gallery, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and a variety of schools and community settings in London and Essex.
  • Engaged more than 1,500 young people and 53 teachers in creative change projects.
  • Turned a school, a roadway underpass, a disused shop-front and a two-tonne artic lorry into ground-breaking performance spaces.
  • Collaborated with and employed more than 60 creative professionals, including visual artists, theatre designers, writers, circus performers, samba musicians, filmmakers, and a teenage punk band.

Please check out our summary of the Einstein’s Dreams project below for an example of how we research, engage, conceive and create a project.