The ReAuthoring Project



From 2010 through 2013, there was this thing called The ReAuthoring Project, or just ReAuthoring. You might call it Nimble Fish Plus, in that it was run by Greg and Sam in partnership with Whitstable-based Renaissance woman Katherine May. Our aim was to use performance techniques and various other creative strategems to shake up how page-based authors (as opposed to spoken word or live lit folk) presented their work and built their personal brands.

We began small, creating a one-woman show for Katherine based on her eerie first novel, Burning Out. We finished big in Portsmouth, creating what still stands as the largest crowd-sourced story project ever delivered in the UK, a marvel of storytelling and projection-mapping called You, Me and Everyone in Portsmouth. In between came lots of intriguing experiments in literary presentation involving dozens of writers doing things at festivals, on beaches, in shops and other spaces and places.

ReAuthoring didn’t burn out or fade away. By mutual agreement it stopped: we said what we wanted to say, did what we wanted to do, and it was a case of knowing when to wrap things up. But the spirit of ReAuthoring lives on not only with the writers we’ve worked with but also through our work with performance storyteller Debs Newbold and poet Nick Makoha.

We’ve kept the ReAuthoring website in full, functional glory here. It was a blast.