About Lost in Blue by Debs Newbold, produced by Nimble Fish (2016)

Winner – 2016 Summerhall Acting Award, Debs Newbold

★★★/  –  Broadway Baby “Though this is called Lost in Blue, there is no point in which we feel lost, caught up in the action whilst still in Newbold’s capable hands.”

★★★/Reviews HubLost in Blue walks a tightrope between spoken word, live literature, comedy. Newbold is charismatic and we root for her from the off.”

★★/ – Fest “In its careful, colourful layers it’s as textural as a painting; in its use of motif it sings like a piece of music.”

★★★ – TheatreEddys “Debs Newbold is nothing short of astounding.”

About Creative INSET programme (2016)

“I found the day incredibly inspiring and had a blast. It was good to reenergise my own spirits and get involved in expressive play.”
Brodie Linehan, The Brook School, Haringey

About My Father and Other Superheroes by Nick Makoha, produced by Nimble Fish (2015)

“Makoha does a superb job of holding the audience’s attention with the most basic instruments: his voice and his body. Smoke and lights are used for dramatic effect to further enhance the simple poignancy of the story, but no embellishments are required to bring alive the superheroes or the lively child”
★★★/ The Upcoming

“Just a marvelous group of performances, very vital work.  I’d be excited to see them again as they develop.”
– James Runcie, Director of Literature, Southbank Centre (commenting on the Re:Play showcase)

About Creativity Quest (2011)

“One of our best days, ever”
– Erica Chamberlain, East London Business Alliance

About Re:bourne (2010)

“The town centre on Saturday afternoon was really vibrant and the wide range of attractions were testament to the effort put in by the event organisers to embed themselves in the community and to offer people new perspectives on the town.”
– Bryan Mulhern, Swale Councillor

“For the staff at Nimble Fish this was not a tick box exercise but a well composed artistic project well set out and possibly the best event I have seen in the Swale region since 1999. I believe I speak for a the majority of the participants when I say that they would like to see something of this ilk again the very near future.”
– Nick Hannon, Sons of Alpha Centauri (re:bourne artist)

“I was particularly impressed with the way in which vacant shops and rarely used alleyways were transformed into art workshops and exhibitions. A truly engaging day.”
– Gordon Henderson, Kent MP

About the Learning Town Project (2009)

“We had a fantastic experience. The teaching staff have learnt a huge amount and the girls can’t stop talking about it.”
– Janet Cassford, Deputy Head Teacher, Southend High School for Girls

About Fourth Plinth (2008)

“The quality of discussion generated by the young people was very high.”
– Justine Simons, Head of Cultural Strategy, London Mayor’s Office

“Working with Nimble Fish was a wonderful experience for our young people. The guidance given by Sam and Greg was brilliant. I work with these young people all the time and I watched them grow before my eyes.”
-Barby Asante, Arts Advisor, Fundamental UK

About Generation London (2007)

“It was very inspiring to hear a group of people come together properly to debate, so I was hoping that we could try and do this [again] moving forward..[towards the 2012 London Olympics]. Otherwise people won’t feel engaged.”
-Keith Khan, Former Head of Culture, London 2012

“The children were truly engaged, as well as being insightful, provocative, positive and forthright. I really enjoyed it.”
-Rowan Moore, Director, The Architecture Foundation

About The Container (2007)

2007 Scotsman Fringe First

2007 Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award

-The Stage, The Observer, Guardian

“It doesn’t get much more real than this…brilliantly performed.”
-The Times

“A heart-stopping and thrilling ride.”
-Glasgow Herald

“Anyone who thinks they know the problem with asylum seekers should make this show their priority.”

“I felt like I went on the journey with them…I’ll never feel the same way about immigrants again now I know what some of them go through to get here.”
Student, Chalvedon School, Basildon

About Einstein’s Dreams

“We’ve never had anything within a whisker of what we achieved. In terms of the kids, opening their minds to new possibilities, it was phenomenal. We had loads of Year 11s come back after their exams to take part in the project—we’ve never had that before.”
-Alan Morgan, Director of Performing Arts, Woodlands School, Essex

“Sam and Greg took one particular concept from Physics that I hate, made it creative, and presented it to me in a way that I could use back in the classroom.”
-Neelam Grewal, Science Teacher

“Greg and Sam brought an extraordinary level of artistic cohesion to Einstein’s Dreams, creating an imaginative piece that worked very effectively.”
-Lawrence Stromski, Lighting Designer.