Mar 242011

Dateline: London

Reports of eagle-eyed young people sleuthing for clues are on the rise today following the opening of several new Culture Detective Bureaus across London. In these school-based Bureaus, young Detectives are being trained to find evidence around them leading to the discovery of what ‘culture’ means to their communities and how it connects them to the 2012 London Olympics. Altogether, nine Culture Detective Bureaus are being established.

The Detectives are using many sleuthing tools in their search for cultural evidence, including film, photo, movement, and art. Below is a snapshot of a recent exploration captured via Comic Life by Abigail Hunt (Culture Detectives Bureau Chief, Lewisham branch). Note the 3-D speech bubbles!

The Culture Detectives project is conceived and run by Nimble Fish as part of the Biggest Learning Opportunity on Earth programme, a creative learning programme taking place across more than 140 London schools. The programme is the largest such educational scheme specifically focused on the upcoming London Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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Feb 242011

A belated yet big thanks to everyone who came out last week to see the second iteration of Sounds of the Stars, our immersive installation that one audience member called “stargazing on steroids.” Fantastic feedback from the packed house at The Arts Catalyst, and much food for thought from artists, scientists, punters, and friends. And none of our tech broke down, which helps. Big thanks to Nahum, Nicola, Rob and everyone else who helped out with the gig.

Stay tuned for next steps with the project. There will be some, and they will be soon.

Dec 152010

A random, holiday-inspired list of stuff that was good in the Nimble Fish universe in 2010:

  • Creating and delivering Space to Learn, our new programme of site-responsive teaching and learning. We engaged eight schools, dozens of teachers and loads of kids. It was about how to re-see and re-use the spaces and places all around us as innovative locations to enhance teaching. Great fun, and more to come.
  • We were pleased and proud to have taken our first Re:authoring Project offering, Katherine May‘s Burning Out, to the Pulse Fringe Festival. Re:authoring has been quiet this autumn but will pick up in the spring (so watch this Nimble space.)
  • The re:bourne festival was a real highlight of 2010. Created with our friends at Workers of Art, the festival was a site-responsive, community co-devised celebration of the past, present and future of Sittingbourne, a place that gets more knocks than it deserves. We had a blast doing it; hopefully, the more than 3,000 people who came along had fun, too.
  • Very pleased to have been selected as one of 13 arts companies to help A New Direction deliver the Biggest Learning Opportunity on Earth, an arts-led and Olympics-focused programme of work stretching across 145 London schools…which makes it the largest education programme associated with the London 2012 Olympics. Just finishing the planning phase of things and looking forward to kicking things into gear in 2011.
  • We were glad to be able to help our friend Laura Mugridge get some things sorted for her fab new show, Running on Air, which went on to win a Fringe First at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The show was very much Laura’s and Tom’s baby, but we enjoyed being part of the early development dialogue and helping Laura score some kit to make the show happen. Running on Air will tour soon; don’t miss it!
  • Thinking, planning, devising, and laughing with our friends and collaborators. The future of the arts sector sometimes looks scary right now, but it is also filled with opportunity and great people. Happy holidays, and here’s to a prosperous and exciting new year!

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Sep 202010

As we head firmly into autumn, it’s one last wave of the handkerchief to our site-responsive summer festival for Sittingbourne, re:bourne. If you go to this Flickr link, we’ve uploaded a small selection of photos that capture the essence of the two-day event. We’ll continue to add more photos as we’ve time to do so.

A re:bourne documentary film is in the editing suite as we write, and of course you’ll see it here first (unless you’re a re:bourne funder, supporter, artist, participant, community contributor, or any other miscellaneous brand of project co-conspirator, in which case you’ll first see the film at a special screening we’re organising for later in the year…details coming soon!)