Mar 242011

Dateline: London

Reports of eagle-eyed young people sleuthing for clues are on the rise today following the opening of several new Culture Detective Bureaus across London. In these school-based Bureaus, young Detectives are being trained to find evidence around them leading to the discovery of what ‘culture’ means to their communities and how it connects them to the 2012 London Olympics. Altogether, nine Culture Detective Bureaus are being established.

The Detectives are using many sleuthing tools in their search for cultural evidence, including film, photo, movement, and art. Below is a snapshot of a recent exploration captured via Comic Life by Abigail Hunt (Culture Detectives Bureau Chief, Lewisham branch). Note the 3-D speech bubbles!

The Culture Detectives project is conceived and run by Nimble Fish as part of the Biggest Learning Opportunity on Earth programme, a creative learning programme taking place across more than 140 London schools. The programme is the largest such educational scheme specifically focused on the upcoming London Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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