Jul 272015

Ah, what an evening it was…a sultry summer Southbank Saturday, and a sold-out house to witness the emergence of five shiny, startlingly beautiful pieces of performance by the participants in Re:Play. We were lucky enough to be part of Poetry International 2015, one of the world’s most venerable poetry events – it was founded by Ted Hughes, don’t ya know – yet still one of the edgiest.

In many ways, Saturday’s event was the end of a long road that began last autumn and has involved masterclasses, scratch sessions, writing rewriting and more writing and rewriting, tears and fears, and a tremendous amount of creative verve.

Big props to all of our Re:Players: Ria Hartley, Gael Le Cornec, Afshan Lodhi, Lucy Sheen, and Yomi Sode. Thanks also to the eminent poets, performers and writers who’ve given them, and us, guidance along the way: Ola Aminashawun, John Berkavitch, Inua Ellams, Stacy Makishi, Polarbear, and Lemn Sissay.

You haven’t heard the last of Re:Play, and there’ll be pix and vids coming soon. Not an ending, then, but for now we’re going to bask a bit longer in its wondrous beginning.

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