Dec 302011

Right about now is the semi-official five-year anniversary of this thing called Nimble Fish; as in, the approximate time when corporate approval came in the post from Companies House. Still, one anniversary is as good as another, n’est ce pas? And so, with 2011 drawing to a close and the quasi-apocalyptic 2012 upon us, we list here in no particular order the big-ticket stuff we’ve done since embarking on our journey in 2006:

Creativity Quest, Einstein’s Dreams, The Container, Debate London, Culture Detectives, Billboard, Re:bourne, Fourth Plinth, Creative Partnerships (London, Essex, Kent…and most recently, Lithuania and Norway), Space To Learn, The Learning Town Project, ReAuthoring, and Sounds of the Stars.

Looking back on one’s work via project titles creates a strange reality distortion field: some of these projects spanned several years, others were one-offs, and still others are ongoing. By the numbers we won three awards, worked in half a dozen countries, presented/performed at five festivals, and connected with nearly 100 schools. We’ve provided gainful and hopefully enjoyable employment to more than 150 people while managing to not default on loans (since we’ve never had any), ask for a government bail-out, or make headlines by living large on taxpayer-fuelled bonuses.

It’d take too long to list all of the friends and colleagues we’ve made since 2006. But hopefully you know who you are. Nimble Fish would be far less nimble (and way fishier) without your talent, energy and dedication. Here’s to a bright and creative future for all of us, Mayan calendars notwithstanding…

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