Jul 132011

Ah, not often I can pun like that and have it actually mean something.

The L in question is in the photo below. The place: Lower Marsh Street, a lovely little micro ‘hood behind Waterloo Station that was recently the scene of Secret Sleuthing. Part of the BIGLOP Festival, Secret Sleuthing challenged teams of young Londoners to find and decode a series of clues planted on Lower Marsh Street that led them to a Punchdrunk-styled hidden location nearby. Once inside, more clues were on offer…which ultimately led our sleuths back onto the high street where they had to whisper the secret password to ‘hidden agents’–better known locally as shop-owners in on the game.

Although Secret Sleuthing finished two weeks ago, we checked recently and all nine of the first letter clues were still there. If you find yourself on Lower Marsh Street, have a sleuth yourself. Here’s a hint: the nine letters spell the name of a nearby street, which in turn led to the hidden location. The location itself is closed now, but we think that looking is as much (or even more) fun than finding…

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