Jan 212011

We met up last week with two old friends, Jack and Mike. ‘Old’ is a relative term in this context, since Jack and Mike are barely into their 20s. But they first worked with us way back in 2006, when they were secondary school students contributing to our Einstein’s Dreams project. When we say ‘contributed’, we mean it: Jack created bespoke stop-motion animation for the piece, while Mike among other things created a wonderful photo montage. Both creations were key parts of the piece and both lads, along with several of their peers, worked alongside our professional creative team to devise and troubleshoot key elements of the work.

Five years later, both lads are deep into their university studies, Jack at Bristol and Mike in Australia. What was so heartening was to hear how excited and inventive they remain about pursuing a life in the creative universe….this despite austerity, a perceived devaluing of arts-led work specifically, and questionable economic prospects more generally. Thing is, they know all of this; and yet, they’re determined to push forward with their ideas and energy.

We will keep in touch with Jack and Mike as they move from uni into the working world. Collaborators with us in the past, we surely want them as collaborators in the future…whatever that may be.

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