Aug 122010

As respite from the Re:bourne ‘machine’,  I have been doing some research into Landscape and Environment Art; think Christo, Dennis Oppenheim and Andy Goldsmith.  I stumbled across this;

(Environmental Art)…is a “spatialisation of cultural politics”, a radical rethinking of the intersection between social relations, space and the community.  This rethinking can lead to a kind of IN-BETWEEN or THIRD SPACE, a lived space of radical openness and unlimited scope, where all histories and geographies, all times and places, are immanently presented and represented.   Edward Soja

My thoughts exactly!

I hope on some level Re:bourne is able to achieve some of these things.  At its best it will be  a ‘creative disruption’ or ‘interruption’ that enables the community to inhabit a transgressive space between bricks and mortar and day to day life; it will  a critique of what is already there , an invitation to change literally and emotionally.  At worst, it will simply enrich shoppers experience as they collect their frozen peas from Iceland.

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