Aug 112010
No, Sam isn’t rehearsing for an upcoming Nimble Fish melodrama; it’s merely her exaggerated exhaustion from bleach-cleaning walls in one of our re:bourne event spaces (the shadows are because there’s no power inside the space so we have to jury-rig power and lighting from elsewhere).

If many of these blog entries seem unduly concerned with the nuts and bolts of process and prep–as opposed to declaiming about the artistic product–it’s probably because re:bourne lives or dies on seemingly small things like whether or not a shop that hasn’t had an occupant in at least 5 years can be made decent enough for art to occur there. The time and energy this can take, and the importance of spending both, is only learned through experience.

When it comes to working like this–that is, the renovation/ preparation of non-traditional art and performance spaces in high- traffic areas (not abandoned warehouses and suchlike)–we must surely be industry leaders by now, if such an industry exists. And disinfecting shops is all into the bargain.

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