Aug 032010
As we approach T-minus one week for re:bourne, a shout-out is required to the A.E. Barrow & Sons Bakery and Coffee Shop in Sittingbourne. For the past few months, this has been the unofficial HQ for all things re:bourne, both because of the undeniable quality of their Chelsea buns and because they don’t have an issue with us lot stomping in and out of their otherwise tranquil coffee shop at all hours of the day and generally causing a bit of a commotion: architectural maps strewn across tables, choruses of laptops clickety-clacking away, the stultifying babble of multiple voices discussing the art of road closure, etc. Being conscientious types, we’ve asked them if they mind. The response? ‘No, love. Why would we?’

High on the wall in the coffee shop are photos of Mr. & Mrs. A.E. Barrow, circa early 20th century, and one ‘son’ and his wife taken a bit more recently. A proper family shop, then, doing a thriving trade in nice food with a happy, welcoming vibe. Thank you, Barrow folks…you’ve made many a day of hard re:bourne planning that much easier (and tastier…)

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