May 012010
Although it didn’t mention us specifically, this BBC article on the weird and wacky performance spaces on offer this year at the Pulse Festival in Ipswich does by proxy include our Re:Authoring Project production of ‘Burning Out’, which will be performed on 11 and 12 June to help close the Festival. Nothing so glam as a spiral car park for us, though; as with so many projects of late, we find ourselves in a shopping centre, the Buttermarket Centre to be more precise and a ‘slack space’ in the center to be absolutely specific (as to which slack space, we can’t be that specific yet since we don’t actually know).

We have no one to blame but ourselves here, as we did ask Steve Freeman and the Pulse crew for something, anything but a theatre space. He responded by giving us Buttermarket, a new venue for Pulse this year. We like it: where better to engage new audiences than in the seething heart of community commerce? Our gig will be open to ticketing but just as importantly will be marketed for foot traffic…come in, take a chance, see what’s on offer. This is perfect not only for Nimble Fish but for the whole ethos of our Re:Authoring Project, which seeks to engage new audiences with writing in new and unusual forms. Have we used the word ‘new’ enough here? Right, we’ll shut it then. Come and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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