Award-winning Nimble Fish specialises in cultural producing and arts-led training and development. We work in theatres and festivals, in schools and community settings…and in any number of unusual and unexpected places.

Along with everyone else, we’re trying to surf the seismic changes of our times (Brexit, Trump). More than surf, we’re trying to do our bit to change the shape of the waves. On the arts-led training side of things, we’re deep into A New Direction‘s Cultural Leaning Community programme, in which we’re working with a hand-picked cohort of 25 top London teachers to build their skills and capacity as sector leaders: not a moment too soon, given the hammering that UK arts education is getting at present.

We’re also part of an exciting pilot project with our friends at Kurybines Jungtys (Creative Connections) in Lithuania. Titled The Art of Curiosity, the project uses this luminous word as a vehicle to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and other essential 21st Century skills. The pilot is supported by the British Council.

Finally, we are deep into R&D for our first wholly original performance work in quite some time, inspired by the Brexit referendum and with Arts Council England support. It’s about using literature and performance to find a different, more productive conversation around Brexit’s hot-button issues. Conversations, of course, start with words, like those below: in the context of Brexit, words were weapons that divided the nation. Can we turn them into something more inclusive and meaningful? Stay tuned.